Hydrogen Additive

Hydrogen used as a fuel additive can save you a bundle!


How dose it work?
Distilled water is broken down into oxogen and hydrogen using a process called electrolysis .
The two gases are then added to the air intake.
The gasses enter the combustion chamber.
Hydrogen is one of the fastest burning substances and causes a very fast burn of the fuel.
The total amount of fuel burned in the chamber increases normal combustion engines burn 70-75% of the fuel put in the chamber. With hydrogen 90%+ of the fuel is burned.

Increased Fuel Savings in transportation 10-15% stationary motors 10-20%.
Cleaner emissions  and on new motors particulate filters last longer and less exhaust fluid is used.
Cleaner engines, after several oil changes you will begin to see cleaner oil.
Low maintenance, all you need to do is top the unit off with distilled water when you change your oil.
Can be used in gas or diesel.

Common Questions:
Q) Will it void my warranty?
A) No hydrogen is classified as a fuel additive.
Q) How is it installed?
A) It can usually be mounted on the frame of a vehicle and takes only three wires and a tube.
Q) Will I need a larger alternator?
A) No the unit draws up to 2 amps.
Q)How long does it take to pay for itself?
A) Well, that depends on how much you drive or run your engine the more the sooner.

These Units come in multiple sizes to fit any size of vehicle.