For precision irrigation the Valley 8000 series is durable and reliable to meet your irrigation needs.

Compton Irrigation, Inc. provides expertise in designing and installing center pivots.

Corner Arms

Valley offers Precision and VFlex Corners to reach the corners and other areas of your field that are needing water.

With a corner arm you are maximizing your yield.

Remote Control Monitoring

We are all searching for some way to save time during the day. There is never enough time to get everything you want done. With Valley's remote control monitoring and management systems, you can use your smartphone or tablet to control your irrigation systems from anywhere.


Having the right sprinklers and the right amount ensures your crops or pasture are not being over or underwatered.

Your custom designed irrigation system is designed with computer technology to ensure the right spacing is used when installing sprinklers.

Drive Train

Your irrigation equipment needs a reliable drive train, a combination of the wheel gearbox and center drive, to ensure it is running properly. 

We will ensure your gearbox and center drive are efficient for running your irrigation system. 

Bender Spans

If you have trees or barns in the middle of your field which needs irrigation, a bender is the perfect addition to your center pivot. 

The bender is attached to the center pivot where the irrigation arms can move in a 30 or 160 degree angle. Barriers are installed where the arms need to stop. 

Control Panels

Valley offers a variety of control panels for your center pivot. 

  • ICON10 Smart Panel

  • ICON5 Smart Panel

  • ICON1 Smart Panel

  • ICONX Smart Panel

  • AutoPilot Linear

  • ClassicPlus

  • Classic